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Help The LGBTQ Community

A campaign sponsored by Sierra Snell and Felix Courtney

Support Me

         This fundraiser is here to help and support the LGBTQ community. We have suffered through discrimination for centuries and to no one's surprise we are still facing adversaries. We're being restricted from having jobs, schooling, military service, being parents, and over all being ourselves. Even though a few states have laws to protect our rights, we are still being limited because people are against our way of life. Love is love, no matter what gender. Please stand by us and donate so we can help the community through the struggles of everyday life just because we won't stay quiet about who we are and who we love.

         The money will be going to the Ali Forney Foundation, they help the LGBTQ youth and homeless. Please read what started the foundation it is a moving story and educational. you find it up above in the black header, under Ali's story. Next to that is the community page where you can find even more information about the foundation.