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CrossFit Dynamix ProudAF WOD

A campaign sponsored by Stacy Banas

June 23, 2018

Support Me

It's PRIDE month! You know you are (choose the most appropriate):

  1. a Flamer
  2. the Hottest thing around
  3. forever a Butch
  4. GayAF
  5. a Rich benefactor
  6. a Gender Queer warrior
  7. an Amazing ally
  8. just a little Curious
  9. a Rainbow unicorn
  10. ________AF

SO, bring your whole self and show your support for the LGBTQ+ Community with a ProudAF WOD and donate some $ to the Ali Forney Center. This is a "Birthdays for PRIDE" campaign, where the money will go to support Birthday celebrations for LQBTQ youth at their shelters. Because everyone deserves a fabulous Birthday Party!!!

WHEN: Pink Saturday, June 23rd - 9, 10, & 11am classes


Have a date at that time? Think you'll be too tired from the Trans Day of Action on Friday? Donate anyway and show your support for NYC LGBTQ homeless youth, most of whom ended up on the streets when they came out to their birth "families". Show them the true meaning of Family.

Family. Strength. Honor.